We, the people of the United States…

Happy Fourth of July. What a privilege to live in a country that was founded by leaders who believed in human rights that honor freedom, integrity, and equality. Through the years, those values have been supported by people from all walks of life. Most of us probably have a loved one who has served in the military, in public life, or in other relevant and important roles that have preserved these United States of America. Today—and every day—let us honor those people.

Each of us serves our country by the walk we make through this lifetime. In our support of churches, schools, communities, states, and our families, we, in essence, support the values that are the foundation of our country. Let us never take our freedoms for granted. Be an asset in your home, community, and profession. Sitting back, not doing anything and complaining about what is or is not happening was not a part of the life of our founding fathers/mothers. We are commissioned to carry on that legacy left by those who have come before us.

While our country will always be on a path of continuous improvement, pause today and every day to count your blessings. All one needs to do is spend time in a third world country to be reminded of the blessings we enjoy every day of our lives here in America. Yes, we have people here who are impoverished. Yes, we have people who are hungry. Yes, we have healthcare needs that beg for attention. However, we are blessed beyond imagination in comparison to the majority of the people in the world. Let us not take those blessings for granted, but stand firmly in support of the values put forth in our Constitution.

God bless these United States of America. May we be worthy of the blessings that infiltrate our lives every day.