A Message from the FDI President

As he completes his term as FDI president, Dr. Orlando Monteira DaSilva from Portugal shares this message of commitment to all of us in the dental profession. I met him both at the Portuguese National Meeting and at the World Dental Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, where I lectured at both events. His tireless efforts to bring oral health to the world have been stunning. Much gratitude to him and to his team.

Here is an excerpt from the update from FDI President Dr. DaSilva:

When I took office as FDI President two years ago at the meeting of the General Assembly in Mexico City, I made a commitment to leave FDI in a stronger position and reinforce its reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and credible partner to our members, stakeholders, industry and partners.

By joining hands in the pursuit of these goals, we have been able to overcome the heavy challenges of recent times and can at last perceive on the horizon a glimmer of hope and enthusiasm. This is due to the Council, the Executive Committee, the FDI staff under the leadership of the Executive Director, and volunteers both within and external to the Committees, all working together with the same passion and commitment to succeed.

In my role as FDI ambassador, communicating the ethical and practical messages of FDI among its members and stakeholders around the world, I have been touched by the enthusiasm of my hosts in 30 countries or more for the work of FDI and their commitment to the values of the dental profession. It is this energy and enthusiasm that helped me accomplish what I set out to do…

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