Allow Your kids to See You Read and Study. Be a constant Student.

There is no way to truly “MASTER” anything. While it is possible to gain tremendous knowledge on a specific subject or gain fantastic expertise in a skill, there will always be opportunity for growth and expanded knowledge or skill. Be a role model for your children by being a student for life.

I have a doctorate in management with a focus on leadership—but there is so much to know and learn in this vast subject matter, that I only know a miniscule amount compared to what is “out there”. My husband is a dentist—and he is excellent. However, with the constant advancements in dentistry, medicine and patient care, he cannot know it all. He must constantly study and learn from reading, lectures, digital programs , and hands on courses.

For both of us—while having reached the doctoral level of academia and while having a vast amount of experience– we are constantly learning, growing, and making effort to get better. And our kids have seen that—for their own lifetimes.

If you study the lives of the great athletes, musicians, writers—or any other field of endeavor—you will find that the very “best of the best” are committed to constantly learning, getting better, and seeking the path of advanced knowledge.

W. Edward Deming recommended that each of us be in a “constant state of improvement”. In other words, how will you be better next year than you are this year? What will you read, study, and observe? What courses will you take? What will you eat? How will you exercise? How will you manage your time? And etc?

I set a goal every year to read at least 30 books. I usually exceed that goal. I subdivide that goal into the types of books I want—or need—to read. I read every day—even if only a paragraph or two. I don’t watch much TV (some sports with my husband). If I think about feeding my mind productively and healthily, I can’t find much on TV that is worth the time. Discover, PBS, History channel—ESPN!!!! (that’s for the purpose of spending time with John!!!!)

If you aren’t a reader—start with one book. Find something—whatever interests you—and read it. Consider turning off the TV for one hour per week (or whatever) and read—and have your children read also. (or do a couple of 30 minute segments per week). All habits are created through repetition and through modeling. TV or reading? Exercising the mind or anesthetizing the mind? Which do you want for yourself and for your children?

Decide on the things you think will make a difference in your life. Write your own goals. Follow the 5 step goal process that I have outlined in this blog. Make things happen.

Be a model of being a student. Not only do you improve your own life, but you show your children a path of lifelong enrichment. Be a role model for your children: read, study, and be on a continuous path of improvement.