creatingbookCreating a Healthy Work Environment

Here is Cathy’s latest book based on her doctoral work and her years of experience helping businesses grow and thrive.  Find the key elements of creating and sustaining a work environment that supports individuals as well as the organization as a whole. bookpic416

Cathy says, “We spend much of our precious time at work.  Why not develop a workplace where people feel supported, nurtured, trusted and respected?  In this kind of a workplace can people be more productive?  Yes.  Will they stay longer?  Yes.  Will this environment be more fulfilling and fun?  Yes. In the end, when individual members of an organization are more productive, the organization as a whole is more productive. A healthy work environment is good all the way around.”

This book presents valuable, dynamic information is a readable, teachable fashion.  This book is appropriate for each member of the team/organization.  Each person will learn how important they are to the whole and how to do their own part to support the creation of a healthy work environment.

“Cathy Jameson continues to inspire , motivate and liberate me and my entire team with her instruction and coaching. She teaches us how to do what we need to do to achieve success. Our work environment is, truly, healthy. We enjoy our work and each other.I bought a book for each member of my team so we can study it together. The book is written so that the principles of leadership and success can be transformed into reality. Thanks, Cathy.”

Dr. Mark E. Hyman

“Reading Creating a Healthy a work Environment by my friend and colleague, Dr Cathy Jameson.  Amazing and valuable information…a must read for everyone!”

Lois Banta

“Creating a Healthy Work Environment has been a blessing to me both professionally and personally . I have read it several times and I credit it to my growth as a leader… It has served  as my personal blueprint on exceptional leadership.. Truly an inspirational read.  As a Jameson client, I can honestly say it is authentically Cathy!!”

Dr. Karthilde Appolon, New York, NY


Success Strategies for the Aesthetic Practice

Yes, this book will give you the guidelines and step by step instruction on how to build the aesthetic aspect of your practice.  However, think of the word “aesthetic” as a description of a well-managed, smooth running, healthy practice where the doctors, the team and the patients all enjoy a rewarding experience. In this book you will find the strategies and proven methods for building and growing a successful, enriching practice.


Collect What You Produce

The Number 1 reason that people do not proceed with dental care is “fear of cost” or “it costs too much”.  Here is THE TEXTBOOK on patient financing and on creating and maintaining a financial secure practice.  This book is full of “how to’s”, verbal skills and scripts, and materials you will need to Collect What You Produce.


Great Communication = Great Production

Communication is the skill that will make the difference in your bottom line. Most doctors have more dentistry sitting in their charts than they have ever performed. Learn proven presentation skills to be used by the entire team that will increase your case acceptance to 90-95%. This best seller is sure to energize your entire team and get you on the path to improved communication!



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