audio_stargazingCD: Star Gazing: Building the Five Start Dental Team

Here are the 14 characteristics of a truly 5 Star Team. Identify your own strengths and areas where you think improvement would be valuable. Learn how to work well together in the workplace so that you will truly love going to work and sharing in productive, healthy relationships. The organization will thrive when a compatible, productive team focuses on a common set of goals.

stargzing5CD: Scheduling for Productivity, Profitability & Stress Control

Here are the clearly detailed steps of the scheduling system—perhaps the most challenging and demanding system in your practice.  You will learn both the how to’s and the why’s of scheduling so that you will have smooth flowing, stress controlled days where both the patients and the team are well served.


The Key to Controlling Stress in Your Dental Practice

Cathy’s master’s work and much of her doctoral work focused on stress management.  Why?  Because 80% of all illnesses can be traced back to stress in one way or another.  So, she is committed to helping you control the stress in your life so that you can realize health both at work and at home.  How do you get the energy you need to take care of clients during the day and family in the evenings?  By controlling stress.  Here are the ways to do just that.



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