Celebrate Your Life (Continued)

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my incredible experience learning from renowned author, Neale Donald Walsh.

Mr. Walsh shared much wisdom with us as he taught his class at Celebrate Your Life in Sedona recently. He is a man who has been touched by God in a profound way and who now shares his experiences and His loving message throughout the world.


I had the privilege of attending one of his courses recently and while there was learning to be had in every sentence, I want to share this one insight with you.

Mr. Walsh said, begin to open the world of love with each other in the following manner:

(1) Look another person in the eye for more than 3 seconds. He humorously reflected on how difficult it is for us to look another person directly in the eye. He says” just watch what people do in an elevator!!! We look at the floor, the ceiling—we even read the safety instructions!!!! But, heaven forbid that we look at another person or entertain a brief conversation of kindness with another!!

Look another person in the eye for more than 3 seconds. He says the eyes are the window to the soul. Love begins here—brotherly love.

(2) Smile!!! People are not used to seeing people smile. We are used to seeing people frown, or be expressionless—but to smile?????? Wow. A wonderful company in the world of dentistry, Microdental—a laboratory conglomerate—says that “SMILES MATTER”. Indeed, that would be so. SMILE.

(3) Touch. Touch another person—a handshake, a gentle touch on the shoulder or arm, a pat on the back. He reminds us of how many people are never touched—and how important touch is to the health and well-being of a human being. We are so afraid to touch another—for legal reasons, if nothing else. But, appropriate touch—a mere handshake, for example—may lead to a connectedness that leads to comfort.

If you are a healthcare practitioner, you have been taught to touch a person, gently and appropriately before you provide an examination or treatment. This initial touch goes a long way toward establishing comfort and it eases fear in a patient. Perhaps this could be carried into other situations and we could move into a state of love with mankind and out of a state of fear.

Mr. Walsh tells us that love and fear are two of the strongest emotions. But, he says, love cannot live in the presence of fear. And, fear cannot live in the presence of love. The latter is, perhaps the healthier—and the more peaceful.

Look, smile, touch. Be an ambassador for kindness and caring. The world is crying out for this. Your own home or place of work may be crying out for this.