Collect What You Produce

Have you set your 2019 goals? Was one of those goals to make more money? Or to Collect More Money? Or to Collect More of What You Produce?

Money. That word means many different things to different people. Money—or even the thought of money– stimulates various emotions. Some positive. Some negative.

Take a moment right now and write down the word ‘MONEY’. Now, underneath, write out every word that comes to your mind when you think of ‘MONEY’, INCLUDING EMOTIONAL WORDS related to money.



How many words were positive?

How many were negative?

NOW, think what triggered these responses? Where did these thoughts and/or emotions come from?

Would you like to build on those positive words and thought processes? And would you like to curtail the negative ones? Keep this page. And let’s use this very important reflection as we take a deep dive into a study of money—and the entire concept of Collecting What We Produce during this BLOG SERIES. And, in fact, we may find ways to Collect even More by Producing even More? Interested? Then, keep following this series of blogs.