Creating A Healthy Work Environment

In a 2014 poll by Gallup on worker engagement, only 31.5% of the employees said that they like their work and are actively contributing. 51% said that they are not engaged. This group said that they quietly dislike their job and are clocking in and out, but only doing the tasks they have to do and nothing more. And 17.5% said that they are actively disengaged and that they hate their jobs and verbally state it.

In another study performed by Forbes, 52.3% of the people polled said that they were unhappy at work.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-45-39-amThe above listed results are not the exception—they are the norm. Sad but true. Especially since most people have to work to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and shoes on their feet—or on the feet of their kids. Most of us spend a minimum of 40 hours at work each and every week. Why spend so much of each week—and of life miserable?

Could things be different?

What if people could make a living doing something they liked to do? What if they could work in an environment where people were friends, not just co-workers? What if people could work in a respectful situation where they not only felt valued but actually were valued? What if?

I keep asking those questions? Why? Because I think life can be joyful—and is actually meant to be just that.

You do make a difference—and/or can make a difference. My new book, Creating a Healthy Work Environment, is a step by step directive on how you and your team can recreate your own workplace to be one that is supportive, dynamic and fun while at the same time productive and successful.

Here is a quote from a person who works for and with me—and has for over 25 years.

“There is a JOB and there is JOY! It has been my good fortune for the last 25 years to work with a company that embraced and embodied the principles taught in this book.

It is pure JOY! As an empowered and trusted member of the team, through implementation of the principles, I have been able to have a positive and constructive impact on the organization, my fellow team members, and the clients we serve.” -Beverly Hill, Senior Advisor, The Jameson Group

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