Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Creating a healthy work environment. What do I mean by that and why is this an important subject? Most of us work—either in the home or outside of the home—or both. Wherever we have chosen to put forth our work efforts, the time and energy we put into this pursuit is a vital part of our entire life. We spend a major segment of our days, weeks, months, years—and lives in this work environment. A balanced life is one where all elements of that life are a part of our unique journey—including our chosen career.

Aristotle said that at the core of mankind’s life ambitions is the pursuit of happiness. He spoke of the balance of life as being an equilibrium between love, work, worship, and play. At the center of what he called the cross of life, was the ultimate element of a fulfilling life—happiness.

When the workplace is not fulfilling; when the workplace is dreaded; when one feels that he/she “has to go to work” and can’t wait for 5:00– a major imbalance results. Work can be an extension of a person’s being. Work can be an expression of talent. But, in some situations or for some people, work has become a negative word. However, without a sense of purpose, without an avenue for the expression of talent a person can become ill, sour, disinterested in life.

The workplace of today and the people in that workplace have special needs and desires. Throughout the upcoming blogs, I will be addressing the evolution of the workplace today and what it takes for the workplace to be attractive, interesting, and fulfilling.

Your feedback is requested. Your input is valuable. Your own personal situations – both rewarding and challenging – are invited. Who knows? Your own situation and how you handled it may just be “the answer” for someone else. Let’s share together on this important topic—a topic that is an important part of a fulfilling life—a life where work brings happiness and joy. Let’s study a Healthy Work Environment together.