Decide to be happy.

Decide to be productive.

Decide to be successful.

Decide to control your moods.

Decide to be healthy – mentally and physically.

Decide to spend your time wisely – in business and at home.

Decide to set and reach valuable goals.

Decide to face challenges and resolve conflicts.

Decide to say, “I’m sorry.”

Decide to accept responsibility.

Decide not to complain.

Decide not to gripe.

Decide not to blame.

Decide to seek joy – and to be a source of joy.

Decide to control your life – rather than let it control you.

Decide to be compassionate. Seek and respond to those in need.

Decide to love – yourself and others.

Decide to focus on the positive.

Decide to humbly thank God for your blessings.

Decide to call on His higher power for strength.

Decide to dedicate your life to a significant purpose – one that makes a difference now and always.

Decide. Decide. Decide.

The decision is the beginning of the action.