Do Things Quickly

One of the key characteristics of an outstanding leader (and remember, you are a leader) is the ability to follow up and follow through. People need to know that they can count on you, so when you agree to do something—do it and do it quickly. Or, at least begin to move on the project whatever it may be. As you are making progress on a project, provide feedback to anyone else involved in that project or to people to whom you report. Each step that you take is an important step and as long as people know that you are moving forward, they will be confident in you and in your commitment. They will also be motivated to carry out their own responsibilities.

There is no benefit and no value in putting things on the back burner. No one wins. No one benefits. The confidence people have in you and in your ability to “get things done” depends on following up and following through. So, when you agree to do something—do it. Take that first step. Then consecutive one after that when and where appropriate. And do so quickly.