Dress well – every day. Your work will reflect your ambiance.

Take care of yourself and take pride in your grooming. People will notice—and so will you. Your work and your ability to perform will reflect your own self-care.

If I am working in our corporate offices or doing a consultation or a lecture, I prepare professionally from head to toe for those days. Of course. But, even if I am in my home office, I get up, put on make-up, fix my hair, and dress well. Yes, some days, I wear jeans, but they are clean and pressed and I wear an attractive top, earrings, and shoes to accessorize. Why, you may ask? Who is going to see me?

Well, in our offices, people who work with and for us will see me. People with whom we do webinars will see me. And, my husband will see me. However, there is also something about taking care of myself and putting a groomed self forward that I believe makes a difference in how I approach each task of my day.

Whether I am on conference calls with clients, writing articles, working on a project, or communicating with teammates, I want to feel and be at my best. So, I want to be groomed and professional.

How we take care of ourselves does reflect into our performance. Craig Jarrow says the following,

“Don’t write off your professional appearance as superficial. Step up your dress.

It will boost your confidence, appearance, and ultimately your ability to get things done.

It may just be the productivity booster you need to reach the next level professionally.”

Certainly, this is true in your office and on the job. But, I think it is true in the ever changing world of work that has people working from home, as well. So, even if you are in your own home office, look in the mirror as you step into your work environment and check yourself out. How do you look? Are you able to be at your best today? If not, step back and start again!!!!