Everything You Do Prepares You For What’s Next

Truisms: “A statement that is obviously true or that is often presented as true.” (Merriam-Webster).

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share with you 25 “TRUISMS” that I have found valuable to my organization and to my life. While there are many aspects of business that are didactic, functional aspects, there is an equal number of non-didactic factors that may make the biggest difference in a business, a home, or in a life. These are “truisms”. The underlying principles of functioning that become the core of who you are.

Here is #1:

#1 Everything you do prepares you for what’s next.

As I reflect on my career now, I realize that all of the jobs, the learning, the experiences I have had have prepared me for whatever was next. I didn’t know that at the time, but it has, indeed, been true. I am sure the same is true for you.

For example: I had a music career while in my 20’s. I recorded in Nashville. I traveled with a band promoting my music, records, etc. Then, I moved into the musical theater world and had the lead or supporting lead in 12 musicals. The time in Nashville taught me how to record, which I use constantly today. From my band days I learned the ups and downs of traveling, how to entertain diverse audiences, how to handle AV. And from the musical theater experiences, I learned how to project and vary my voice, how to relate to and reach an audience, and how to express emotion from the stage—all of which are critical to a professional speaker.

Reflect on your own life. You’ll find that there are things you learned from each and every experience. No matter how large or small an activity or responsibility, you have a choice to learn from it and be grateful for it—or to wallow in griping and whining. You don’t go from an entry level position in any organization to the top overnight. Do whatever it takes to learn every aspect of your position and of the company. Become confident and good at what you do. Then, other opportunities will come your way. And you will be able to reflect on all the things you have done to prepare you for your advancement. While attitude and “want to” are valuable. Just dreaming about being able to do something will not make it happen. You have to pay your dues. And then, be grateful for those dues.

Know that you are learning and developing with every responsibility, every experience, every encounter. You are preparing the way.

#1 Everything you do prepares you for what’s next.