Family Vacation


Fun. Sun. Love.

Now, that describes a great family vacation.

One of my goals when I began to work outside of the home was to generate enough income to take our kids on vacations—and to create memories. When our son was 12 and our daughter was 8, we began our tradition of a yearly vacation. And, indeed, we created great memories.

We continue that tradition even now. Sometimes we have a “staycation” and enjoy each other at our home—our ranch in Oklahoma. Other years, we choose another location. These “created memories” will live in the minds and hearts of all of us, I am sure.

We plan, save money, and commit to this week of focus on family. When it is all said and done, these memories and special times together will mean as much to us as anything else—maybe more.

When asked how he prioritizes a very busy life, the author of Left Behind, Jerry B. Jenkins, says that he doesn’t prioritize his activities. He activates his priorities. John and I try to do the same thing. We know what is valuable and important to us and we activate those priorities—including family time.

When I think about my own parents, siblings, and family—I rejoice in the special time that we carved out for each other. My parents were role models of this commitment to family—and I am so grateful. They passed on this love of family to us and, hopefully, we are passing this “priority” to our own family.

Are you prioritizing your activities or activating your priorities? Whatever you need to do to make that happen, begin now. Create memories. Make sure your memories are wrapped in love.