Find a lifetime career that brings you joy and satisfaction and let your kids know of the joy that you receive from your profession.

While making a living and putting food on the table is a necessity and fulfills the basic level of human need which is safety and security, finding work that brings you joy will impact the very essence of your home. When you love the work that you do and do not regret or resent going to work, your children see that. When you can speak of work as a reflection of you and of your life’s purpose, your children see that as well.

If you get up every day and gripe about going to work, what kind of role model are you being for your kids? Would you wish this on your kids—that the work they pursue every day for an entire lifetime is boring, depressing and a drag? If I asked what you want for your kids—would you say, “I want my kids to be miserable with their choice of life work—forever.”? I doubt it! I hope not!

In your chosen work, do all that is expected of you and a little bit more—every day. Do so with enthusiasm and with a good attitude and you will always have a job—and you will enjoy your work even more.

If you are in a toxic situation, get out of it. You may say, “Oh that’s easy to for you to say, but I don’t have anywhere else to work and have to feed my kids.” I get that. But, I also know that life is too short to be miserable for 40 hours (or whatever) out of every week. Find– or create– a place where you are happy. Make a decision to make every day a good one. Celebrate each small victory along the way and more victories will come to you. You attract exactly what you are putting out.

Some people say, “Oh, I leave my work at the door. I never talk about my work at home. I separate the two.” Well, in reality, your chosen profession or work path is an extension of you and why shouldn’t your children see that you love having a chance to be all that you can be and that your work allows you to serve, expand your own talent, and make a living? If all you can do is gripe or whine about your work—then, yes, leave that at the door. But, every once in a while, share your joy with your kids. “I work with a great guy.” “I really enjoyed my day with my clients today.” “It was fun to have a class at work today about….” And so on.

A part of your legacy is to help your kids prepare for life. Help them prepare for life by finding a profession that brings them joy. Model what it can be like to love your work—and to truly be “on purpose.”

Follow the call of your own unique spirit and that spirit will shine through you to your children.