“As a man thinketh, so shall he become” said the British philosopher, James Allen. I believe this is absolutely true. Set your mind in a constructive and positive direction and your actions will follow suit. Decide what it is you want. Be clear about that. Do not get in your own way by sabotaging your progress with negative thoughts.

When you decide upon a goal you want to work toward, if you are constantly thinking of all the reasons why this cannot happen or of all the obstacles that may get in the way, you will be drawing those very obstacles to you. As you thinketh, so you shall become. If you think of all the negative things that could happen, then those negative things are what you draw to yourself.

This is not easy, by the way. It is difficult to keep the saboteur out of your thought process!!! In fact, you may have the “yowbut” disease.

For example: “I want to lose weight. Yowbut, my metabolism is so slow!!!”


“I want to make more money. Yowbut I guess I’m just not experienced enough to ask for a raise.”


“I’d like to have a more productive practice, Yowbut, can’t have that in this area of town.”

And so on. So many excuses!! So much self-sabotage. Pay attention to the way you speak in your own mind—the way you speak to yourself. Watch your negativity. Watch out for thinking about the reasons why something can’t happen. When you think that way—you are attracting exactly THAT to yourself.

For 2018, set a goal to think, write, and meditate of that which you DO WANT. Avoid thinking about and drawing to you the things that you DO NOT WANT. Coach your own self—your own way of thinking.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.” Proverbs 23.7