Good is the Enemy of Great

Good is the enemy of great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great.

  • We don’t have great schools, we have good schools.
  • We don’t have great government, we have good government.
  • Few people attain great lives, because it’s easy to settle for a good life.
  • Companies rarely become great, because most are quite good.

Jim Collins mentions in his book that good is the enemy for great not only in a business situation, but for the human race. It’s too easy to settle for good and it’s too hard to strive for great.

Take time this weekend to consider your business, your life. Are you in a “good slump”? How can you begin to strive for great? How can you motivate your team to work together towards being one of the great businesses? I can’t wait to get your feedback through the weeks.

Let’s go from good to great!