Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Devastating storms. Unbelievable power. Destruction. Loss. Those are words that describe the hurricanes that have hit the Caribbean Islands and are on the path to hit the US at the time of this writing. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott has been outstanding, in my opinion, in his efforts to prepare the people of his state for the potential disaster. He has worked with both state and federal agencies and the military to alert people about evacuation processes and to prepare the areas for a potential hit. He has covered all bases and is using every aspect of media in multiple languages to communicate with people. He is in constant contact with the White House and has gained support on all fronts for emergency funds and support.

If people choose not to follow his directions, this decision not wise. The power of nature in this unbelievable situation is beyond control. Respect of Nature’s power is the wise decision. Governor Scott says, “You can replace your possessions, but you cannot replace your life.”

In the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma disasters, we are seeing the amazing strength and endurance of human beings—both the victims and the rescuers. We see people who have lost everything but are speaking words of gratitude for their safety and/or the safety of their loved ones—as Governor Scott expressed. We see people performing unbelievable acts of heroism rescuing people in dangerous and life-threatening situations. We are witnessing our military stepping up to carry out missions that they have been carefully trained to perform and willingly do. They put their own lives on the line to serve and save others. We honor men and women who are volunteers—military or non-military. Many thanks for your service.

Groups from all over the country are gathering necessary items and shipping them to the devastated areas. My own cousin and his wife who are from Katy, Texas have started a missionary project and at our Labor Day Family Reunion this past weekend, our family brought requested items and will send these to Houston and surrounding areas to help folks in need there.

Find a way that you can reach out to help. If each of us do our part, we can make a huge difference. NOTHING YOU DO IS TOO SMALL. Everything counts. Blessings on each person. God Bless America and all who are impacted by these storms.