I’m Not a Normal Mom

I’m not a “normal” mom. Oh well, my kids are far beyond normal!

All of a sudden I realize that I am not a “normal” mom! What a revelation!

The house isn’t always straightened


Meals aren’t always cooked on a regular schedule


We don’t even have a regular schedule!

I don’t belong to “civic” groups

I don’t play bridge or bowl

I don’t do a lot of “girl” things with friends


I don’t even like to shop!

Wow! I’m NOT a normal mom.

But I love to study nature- her sounds, her smells, her cyclical ways. And I love teaching these “facts of life” to my kids.


I love reading words of wisdom and passing these insights on to my kids through the life we live and through the relationship we have.


I love to cook-wholesome, healthy food that sometimes can be freshly “picked” and served just as it is.

I love to work. Through my work, I serve to help create a better world- a world dedicated to my greatest love.

And that’s the love of God. I love to go to church. It is home because He’s my best friend. Nothing else matters much. That’s the focus of everything-

Love of nature

Love of health

Love of service

Love of family

Love of self

Love of God.

I’m not a Normal Mom—but, that’s ok!