Jameson Irish Whiskey

My husband’s name is John Jameson. His heritage is Scottish. They have the tartan, the crest, the kilt, everything. The founder of one of the major Irish Whiskey distillery’s in Ireland is John Jameson. While there may be a connection between my husband’s family and this now famous brand of John Jameson and Son Irish Whisky, we are not heirs to their fortune. Too bad!!!

However, this month, my colleague and long term Jameson Coach, Beverly Hill and I attended a Leadership course taught by Lois Banta and Judy Kay Mausolf in Ireland. And, in addition to a wonderful course, we were able to explore highlights of this beautiful country. One of our very first excursions was a trip to the foundation of Jameson Distillery in Dublin. While the whiskey is created elsewhere now, the company has refurbished the original distillery and invited people to come to learn about the history of the company and to learn how the whiskey is caringly and lovingly created.

I was able to pour a bottle of Black Barrel Jameson Whiskey from a cask and bottle it myself, create my own label, register it, and box it up for John. I’m not sure he will ever actually open this treasure, but it is beautiful and prized by the people who have throughout many years prided themselves on creating, producing, and perpetuating a fine product. They honor their heritage and respect those who have come before.

Each bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey has an emblem of two workers. The founders never forgot the men and women who stood with them through the good times and the hard times and who helped to make Jameson a brand of renowned. Today, that emblem of the two workers is still on each and every bottle.

A young man gave us a tour of the distillery. When he told of us the story of Jameson, he told it with passion that brought us (and him) to tears. The passion that made Jameson great and has kept it remarkable for two centuries remains alive today.

Perhaps it is passion –of all things –that makes the greatest difference.