Lavish Attention, Grace & Hospitality on People

As I continue this series of blogs on what I call TRUISMS, I realize how many of these TRUISMS, I have learned from people who have influenced my life and my business. I’m grateful that those “influencers” have been wise and good. My life is better because of our interactions.

This blog is entitled, Lavish Attention, Grace, and Hospitality on People, and I want to give credit to my husband, John, for living, breathing, walking and talking this TRUISM. Our own business consultant entitled him, THE FRIENDLY HOST. And those of you who know John would probably agree!

So, I asked John to share with me the five most important factors he believes are imperative for this title to be realized. Without hesitation, he shared these five principles:

  1. Treat people better than you would want to be treated yourself.
  2. Always be looking for the good points in people not the bad.
  3. Continually practice patience. A lack of patience gets you nowhere.
  4. Be in a continual process of developing friendships.
  5. Always show care and service to people beyond what their expectations might be.

My friends, a world of wisdom lives in those words. Take them to heart.