Lessons Learned from Dogs

DOGS! There have always been dogs on our ranch. There have always been dogs at our family reunions. Dogs are a part of our families. We All love our dogs!!!! Every dog has a unique personality and seems to epitomize a specific “human” characteristic. No matter what, dogs express love. They love you, no matter what!! DOGS! Man’s best friend!!

Why do people love their dogs so much? I suppose there are as many reasons as there are people and dogs.






Unconditional love.

What’s your own reason for loving your dog?

When you come home at night, your dog can’t wait to see you. He/she runs around in circles or jumps with joy at the very sight of you. There is no griping about where you parked. There is no nagging about taking out the trash or why don’t you have dinner ready or complaints about the kids driving you crazy, etc. They are just glad to see you and are thrilled to get a pat on the head and a little bit of attention. They could teach us much, these dogs.

How about this:

When they come home, greet your loved ones with enthusiasm, love, affection. Be loyal, fun, cuddly, a good companion, protect each other, and provide unconditional love. And when your most precious ones—your family—walk through that door, greet them with joy, gladness, and thanksgiving. They may think you’re weird at first, but, inside, everyone really loves to be welcomed.