Look Beyond

Look beyond yourself today.

Focus your attention outwardly.

See someone who needs a helping hand. Offer yours. Notice someone who needs words of reinforcement or inspiration. Speak those words.

Look beyond yourself today.

Reflect on your life. Who has helped you? Who has supported you on your path to today? Say so.

Express appreciation. Write a note. Call. Speak the words. Say “thank you”.

Look beyond yourself today.

Speak words that encourage. Swallow words that discourage.

Be gracious to another person–a child, a co-worker, a friend, a stranger. Be a blessing in their life. Do so with intention.

Look beyond yourself today.

Feed the tummy of one who is hungry for food. Eat less. Save a few pennies every day. Send those pennies to people who don’t have enough to eat. Share.

Feed the soul of one who is hungry for love. Be a beacon of light. Shine. Smile. Give of yourself—the most valuable of all gifts.   No wrapping paper or bow required. Just you.

Look beyond yourself today.

Count your own blessings. Each is a treasure of immense value. Be grateful.

Start and end each day with a thought of gratitude.

Look beyond yourself today.

Words, deeds, and acts of kindness will impact another. Even if you never know it—a heart may be touched, healed, lightened.

In the giving, you will receive.

Look Beyond.

 Happy Holidays to you and yours, Cathy