Mama Mondays

“Mr. President, Deans, faculty, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the 1994-1995 Outstanding Male Graduate of Oklahoma State University————–Brett Jameson.”

The assignment of that award and honor on our son, Brett, was one of the highlights of my life. I am proud of and for Brett. Without question, his accomplishment brought me greater joy than any of the accomplishments of my own. He earned this revered honor because of his hard work and dedication to Oklahoma State University, his commitment to his own personal and professional goals, and because he loved the academics, the activities, and the people with whom he worked for the four years of his undergraduate career.

Sitting at a local restaurant, sharing a bottle of fine Chardonnay wine following the awards assembly, John, my husband, and I asked each other, “What did we do to ‘allow’ Brett and Carrie, our daughter, to become all that they could be?” Carrie graduated from high school as co-valedictorian, president of her class and of the student body, head cheerleader, state champion vocalist, captain of her basketball team and went to college with a full academic scholarship and a leadership scholarship, as well.

Brett and Carrie have many attributes, just as any child has attributes.

But attributes don’t get a person to the top.

What makes the difference? Is there something we have done as parents that has allowed our kids to nurture their own talents? What have we done, as parents, to help them develop the confidence and positive self esteem that made it possible for them to face the world and say “Yes!”

A great many young people have skill, talent, and gifts, but choose not to do anything with them. What makes the difference? What can parents do to nurture their children to develop the talents and gifts that they have been given? Would sharing our thoughts and ideas on parenting help other parents who want the same thing for their children?

We asked ourselves these questions and decided that maybe there was a need and a place for a personal sharing of parenting principles that would be of benefit to parents today.

“Mama Mondays” will be a place to come feel connected to other parents all over the world. We will laugh, cry, scream and learn together. Check out every Monday’s post to learn more about lettings your children become…