Who is your mentor?

For as long as I can remember, I have had mentors in my life. Those that have acquired great knowledge and, more importantly, wisdom worth sharing have helped paint the portrait of my professional life.

When I was a teacher, I still remember those that mentored me in my first years. My dear friend that introduced me to the amazing teaching of Maria Montessori and it was a beautiful time in my life that taught me creativity in teaching.

In my music life, those that were far more educated and trained in the art of music taught me how to better hone my technique as a singer – techniques that I still use today as a speaker – and mentors that I still talk to today to teach me ways to preserve my voice during 8 hour lectures.

In my consulting life, I still remember the conversation with my mentor, Karen Moawad, when she helped me come to the realization that what I was doing was actually a career! And so inspired me to take the first steps to what would eventually become Jameson Management.

In my life today, Alan Cohen, my spiritual, personal, professional mentor, that has helped me to see beyond what was possible in my career and my life in general. How to grow. How to be better. How to be fulfilled.

Who are your mentors? Past or present. What have they contributed in your life to make you what you are today? Who do you need in your life to help you on your path of growth and fulfillment both personally and professionally? Make an effort to find someone to be that person in your life. Even better, find someone that you can mentor – you will never regret it. You may find that you learn and grow more than the person you pour into – funny how it always works that way.