Passion Leads: Part 2

As I introduced in my last blog, there are 3 types of Leadership: leadership of self, leadership of others (family, teammates, employers or employees), and leadership of clients/ students/customers. Each of these three types of leadership impact your energy level. And remember: Energy is your force factor and your energy level is driven by passion. In the previous blog, I addressed Leadership of Self. Now let’s look at leadership of others.

  1. You are a leader of others. This means your family, your teammates, your employer or employees–other people with whom you interact on a regular basis and upon whom you depend or who depend upon you.

No matter what your role in your job or no matter what your position in your family, you are a leader. People depend on you to do what they need and expect you to do, and you must count on others in the same way. A family and/or a business can’t function without fulfilled expectations.

Kids must know that mom or dad is going to pick them up after school. They must be able to count on the fact that they are safe. They need to know that they are loved, that there will be food on the table, that they will not be harmed. Safety and security are foundational to a child’s development as they grow to the stage of love and belonging.

And, this, does not vanish when we enter the workplace. People in the workplace need to know–that they are safe and secure. They need to know that they will not be harmed physically or emotionally. They need to know that they will have a check at the end of a pay period. They need to have regular feedback on their performance—whether they are doing well or if they need to improve and if so, what the path to that improvement looks like. Safety and security must be in place before love, belonging, teamwork and loyal dedication come into place. Leadership of the employers, managers, and directors makes a huge difference in these areas.

However, each person in the workplace can make their own difference.

Remember, each person is a leader of him/herself first and foremost. People can do whatever is expected of themselves—and a little bit more every day. Each person can seek ways to expand his/her own capability and be better each day. Becoming complacent is unacceptable. Dr. William James, the Father of Psychology says that the average human being only uses approximately 5-10% of his/her potential. Be all that your employer expects and more—and you will always have a job.

Be ever interested in seeking and finding ways to becoming better There is your path toward passion.

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” Zig Ziglar