Passion Leads: Part 3

  1. So, in the past two blogs we have addressed two phases of leadership: (1) leadership of self, and (2) leadership of others. Today, I will address leadership as it pertains to those you serve: your clients, customers, patients—the people with whom you interact in your business or organization.

I often say, “You cannot—nor would you want to push a person into making a decision, but you can lead them into making a decision. And, hopefully, that’s a decision to agree to purchase your product or service.” Of course, you believe in your product or service or you would not be promoting it, selling it or standing behind it. You always lead your clients from a place of honesty and integrity. People must have trust in you, in what you are selling or promoting, and in the results, they expect to obtain. Trust builds confidence.

Trust means “I am who I am no matter where I am or who I am with.” Your deeds and actions match your words. What you do and say are the same—they match up.

When trust is the backbone on a business and it infiltrates every decision—every act—of that business, not only will that trust be transferred to the employees, that trust will be transferred to customers/clients. And, in the end, that is how a business builds its reputation. That is how it grows its strength. That is how it prospers and profits. When people trust their hearts, minds, and convictions to a business and to the leaders of that business, they become passionate. And so, do the customers. This is how referrals begin. This is how referrals multiply. This is how the ripple effect begins to turn from a soft current to a roaring wave! This is how you build a great business and a great legacy. This begins with the passion of the leaders and passes to each person on the team, to the clients and customers and to the universe. Who can stop that?? Who can stop PASSION?


“A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.”
— Charles M. Schwab,
American Steel Magnate