Personal Leadership Coaching

It is with great joy that I am responding to the requests of clients and colleagues by offering personal coaching in the area of leadership development. I believe that we are all leaders of ourselves, of our teammates and employees, our clients—and certainly of our families. Leadership applies to every facet of life and the skills I teach along with the coaching and support I offer will make a positive different in every aspect of your life.

The curriculum for personal coaching varies with the individual. Each person is unique in their needs, desires, and life or work situations. Therefore, the curriculum will vary according to those differences. You can be assured that the program that is developed for you will be engineered to be appropriate for you.


  1. 1. Monthly conference calls with Webex or Skype.
  2. 2. The curriculum for the calls can be developed in one of two ways:
    1. a. After an initial conference call, the outline for the monthly calls will be agreed upon. Written material related to the subjects will be sent to the student for reading prior to the scheduled call. At the time of the call, Cathy will provide instruction on the subject, then the instructor and student will work together to integrate the material.
    2. b. Or, the monthly calls can be flexible and appropriate for whatever is occurring in life or business at the time. E mails or other methods of correspondence will provide the guidance needed for preparation for the call.
    3. 3. Two days of personal, one on one coaching are provided between Cathy and her student (or students). This will be held in her offices in Oklahoma City or in her ranch office in Oklahoma. These can be done one day at a time or the two days together.
    4. 4. The student is invited to attend a Leadership Symposium in OKC sponsored by Jameson Group, Inc., taught by Cathy.
    5. 5. Cathy will be available in between regularly scheduled calls or meetings for issues or questions that may arise.
    6. 6. A group retreat will be an additional opportunity, if chosen or desired.
    7. 7. You may choose to have Cathy come to your office and teach the leadership course to your team. This would take the place of the two days of personal coaching (or could be an additional service with a separate fee)

Fees for Leadership Consulting:

(1) Telephone calls/conferences along with written materials, plus Jameson Group Leadership Symposium: $500 per month

(2) Telephone calls/conferences, written materials, two days of personal coaching (or in office Leadership Course) , Jameson Group Leadership Symposium: $823 per month.

The program is a year in length with the option to continue as long as desired. If the student decided to pay in advance, a 5% reduction in the total fee for the year will be provided.

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