Remember – and acknowledge – the small & large events in the lives of others

Interesting data in the research of motivation shows that people in the workplace want their “bosses” or supervisors” to know them and respect them as people outside of the workplace. They want help with personal problems when an if they arise. They want to know that they are not just seen as a “cog in the wheel”: that pushes the business forward but, rather, that they are important individuals who matter.

So, in the busy goings on of a business how is that possible? Of course, that depends on how big your business is and what your role in that business, but it really doesn’t take much effort to remember events in a person’s life and make note of it. Social media is so helpful in letting us know when it is someone’s birthday. And people love even the short “happy birthday” notes that come across their Facebook!! Or send a text. Or drop an e card. Or—heaven forbid—send a real card!!!

Remember and make note of birthdays of patients. In my husband’s dental practice, our software kept us apprised of the birthdays of patients and printed those cards for us. For many of our patients, our card was the only card their received!! (unfortunate, but true). Anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. And, as Rudy Giuliani states emphatically in his book, Leadership, Go to the Funerals. He says that people will always remember who comforts them in these times of difficulty. He went to the funeral of all the first responders who dies in 9/11.

Yes. We are all busy. But are we too busy to remember and acknowledge the important events in the lives of the people who matter the most to us—family, friends, co-workers? If we are too busy to remember and support these close ones, stop a moment and ask yourself why. And then ask yourself this question: “In the span of a lifetime, what will matter the most, taking this moment to acknowledge this friend? Or doing whatever it is that is taking me away from doing that?”

Then, make your decision. You will make the right one.