Spend Money to Make Money

“Oh, I know that would be helpful. But, I just don’t think I can spend the money!”

“Yes, that would be a great course. But, I can’t spend money on myself.”

“It would cost so much to take my team to that seminar. We just can’t go.”

“We can’t take these clients out to dinner. Think how much the bill would be.”

“Reward people for work well done? Are you kidding me? How can the company afford that!! We can barely meet payroll.”

“Hire a coach or advisor for myself or for my company? That would cost so much. Maybe I can just do this myself.”

And etc.

Over the course of my career as a management and leadership coach, I have heard all of these “excuses” and many others multiple times as to why people choose NOT to invest in self or others. Ultimately, the decision to not invest in people, translates into a decision to not invest in the business. Without continuous education, without third party advice and guidance, and without a commitment to oneself and to co-workers, status quo becomes the norm. Growth, development, fulfillment, and fun—are placed on the back burner.

Make a constructive decision. Invest in yourself. Invest in your team. Thereby, you invest in the potential of your business and of your life.

Spend money to make money. That may sound like a paradox to you. But, not at all. Of course, you want to make wise financial decisions when you are determining courses to attend, events to hold for clients or team, gifts, meals, bonuses, etc. However, when you spend wisely, those monies become an investment rather than a cost. There may be nothing more valuable than investing in the development of yourself and your people. Truly, it is the people who will make or break relationships with clients, vendors, patients, etc.

Interestingly, one of the greatest desires of people in the workplace today is the opportunity to grow and learn. Talented people will leave an organization if they are not challenged. So, offer challenges—creative ones—that stimulate a person’s brain, talent, gifts, abilities. Give yourself and your teammates the chance to stretch—perhaps beyond what is imagined as possible.

Over the course of my career, I have always had coaches who provided guidance, direction, and sometimes reprimand!!! As I reflect on people who have had a positive, constructive influence on me and on my business, I always think of those coaches: management, leadership, financial, communication coaches. All of these experts have brought expertise that I have incorporated into my business and into my life. And, each coach—each learning experience—proved to be valuable far beyond the investment. I found that I could ALWAYS turn to these confidante’s with any questions, concerns, victories or challenges. And, they were right by my side. I invested in myself by investing in them and their expertise. This investment, in turn, helped my teammates and our clients. Is there a better place to invest? I think not.

Spend money to make money. That’s a business truism—and a life truism.