Standing Up Against Mediocrity

The leader who stands firm against those who want to maintain mediocrity or who want to stifle the maximizing of potential will not only benefit themselves, but may also muster courage in others—the courage to gain new strength and to realize the positive side of the coin called risk. As you are establishing goals in your practice, take a careful look at how the accomplishment of a goal will benefit all team players and patients. Get the team interested in supporting each other. They, then, become leaders themselves.

As I mentioned in the last blog, on the one side of the coin called risk there is the chance that you will make mistakes. But on the other side of the coin is the ultimate success: the reaching of one’s potential. What a sacrilege of life to NOT reach your potential.

Dr. Michael LeBeouf says in his book, GMP: “The Greatest Management Principle in the World”, that people want to know “What’s in this for me?” WIFM. So, as you are pursuing your goals or the goals of the practice, include your team members in the development of the goals and take the time to notice the progress. People won’t be supportive of your goals unless they see the reaching of these goals as a way to solve their own problems or as a way to create personal opportunity.

Become aware of the professional goals of your team members. As a leader, when you help the members of your team accomplish their own professional goals right there in your practice, they will thrive. They will be more productive. They will stay longer. Make sure that things in your practice are structured in such a way that “the grass is NOT greener” anywhere else.

Be an includer and an encourager. Your team members want success. But all too often, people lack the ability to persevere and the patience that is imperative for goal accomplishment. Many people want a goal to be accomplished overnight. They fail to realize that recognizing and acknowledging the small steps is one of the most important aspects of the overall success of any project or any goal. The celebrations along the way are the most essential. Without them, you invite discouragement. Persevere. Be patient. Celebrate the small victories.