The First Step Towards Leadership


Leadership. What an enormous topic. What an enormous responsibility. Leadership is so multi-faceted that it is difficult to focus on only one aspect of this magnanimous topic.

I just completed presenting a two-day symposium on leadership for dentists, spouses, and office managers. We covered the following topics: (1) strategic planning based on mission, vision, and goals; (2) communication in the workplace; (3) problem solving; (4) hiring, training, job descriptions, performance reviews; (5) accountability; (6) blame in the workplace; (6) whining; (7) feedback and reinforcement; (8) time management; (9) delegation; (10) motivation.

Wow! Each of those topics could have been a two day symposium in itself. But, this astute group of professions dug into the various areas with intention and energy. They see the value and importance of leadership by creating and maintaining a healthy, productive work environment.

Create a healthy work environment. Make it fun to come to work. Enjoy the work and the people with whom you work. Develop excellent relationships that enhance your work experience and make more money at the same time. Makes sense to me.

Why would you choose to spend hours each day, each week, or in a lifetime doing something you did not like or being in a situation that you did not enjoy? There is no reason to do so.

Study the areas of leadership that will make your work life happier. Why not? Life is way too short to waste time and energy. Work and the workplace are a part of a fulfilled, complete life. Make your work situation one that is joyful and delightful. You can do this. It is possible. If you wake up feeling a sense of dread either with the work you are doing or by thinking about the people you are going to spend the day with then make a decision to change that: NOW. Take one step at a time. Start by studying.

Join us in our leadership symposium. OCTOBER 17-18, 2013. Call 405-842-7711 for details. Or contact I will be giving you details throughout the upcoming months. Or, read, study, listen to CDs, go to courses. Be a leader of yourself. Start by taking the first step.

The best part of all of this is that when you become a better leader of yourself in the workplace, you become a better leader in all other areas of your life, including home. You are a leader of yourself, of your teammates and family members, of patients and clients. All of life is about leadership.

My course is a course on life leadership. Join me.