The Ranch

The Jameson Ranch is nestled in the foothills of the Arbuckle Mountains in southern Oklahoma near the town of Davis. This ranch was established in 1945 by John’s grandparents; Chester Houston Jameson, and Jean Jameson. John’s parents, Roger and Dorothy Jameson cleared the land, built fences, and worked diligently to make it into a working cattle ranch that also built a strong her of Registered American Quarter Horses. Now, John, as a third generation Jameson, is dedicated to keeping the ranch healthy and in good order.

My mother says my first word was horse. So, it must be true: I was born loving horses. My Nana said that I would never be happy unless I married a horseman. Well, fate was on my side. I did meet and fall madly in love with a young horseman. We did buy his family ranch. We do live on that horse ranch. And we have lived happily ever after!!!!

On this ranch, we have raised two great kids–our children, Bretton Howard and Carrie Leigh. They are the best things we have ever created, raised, and loved. They still feel like they have come home when they cross the cattle guard and drive into the ranch headquarters. And we always love the great energy they bring with them!!

The Ranch is beautiful. The rolling hills are quilted with trees, streams, and ponds. Our Quarter Horses live comfortably at the ranch headquarters, while Wild Mustangs roam the pastures: free and happy.

Here we have raised our kids, been surrogate parents for several others, welcomed athletic teams, cheerleading squads, entire casts of musicals, show choir groups, sorority and fraternity friends, and held lots and lots of friends and family gatherings– both large and small.

The Ranch represents something unique to all people: a place to get out of doors, day and night sounds not heard in the city, wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, birds chirping, horses nickering, glorious sunrises and sunsets, fishing in quiet, undisturbed ponds, miles of freedom for walks or runs or exploration, “Snow on the Mountain” wildflowers in August, persimmons in the fall, wild blackberries in early June. To others, its fun around the pool in the summer, competitive volleyball games, sleeping in tents listening to the night sounds. To others, it’s safety, a place to call home, a meal at the end of the day, people who love you—no matter what. To others, its camaraderie—with friends and family. Nights around the fire. Morning coffee on the porch. Hay rides. Fun times.

But to everyone, the Ranch also means food! Mimi’s bread. Her custard at Christmas. GiGi’s crisps, Paw’s Briskets, veggies from the garden, and Labor Day goodies.

We love our home—our Ranch. It represents heritage, hard work, dedication, learning to stick through the tough times and the good times, commitment to excellence, open arms, devotion to family, connection to the earth, and unconditional love.

This is our earth to share—each of us. We must all take care of her—no matter where we live. No matter where we go. No matter what we do. It is our one and only earth. Let us love her and take care of her. She is the responsibility of each one of us. Let us not turn to someone else and say “you SHOULD do this.” Let us each and every one accepts our own responsibility.

We are caretakers of the earth. We are privileged for this short bit of time we are here on this earth to be keepers of this piece of the earth: The Ranch. This is our place to care for and to share. We are doing our best. We enjoy doing just that. We welcome you. Come see us.

-John and Cathy