The “WHY”

Continuing our discussion of the New Year, consider the following: take a moment—as a team or individually—to review your Mission Statement. Your mission statement includes the following: who are you? What do you do? Why is that important or significant? In other words, what is the purpose you are serving? Who are you serving? What is your “why”? Your Mission Statement is based upon the values that you consider imperative, non-negotiable, the benchmark for every decision.


The “why” is the motivational driving force of your business, of the service you provide, and of your life. The “why” is the energy that you bring to each day, each client/patient, to your family, to your own health and well-being, and to each New Year. The “why” does the following:

  1. Forces you to look into the future, influence the future, and be proactive
  2. Brings about better awareness of needs
  3. Focuses you on clearly defined objectives
  4. Provides a sense of direction, continuity, and leadership
  5. Defines your Values and Guiding principles

As you are analyzing the year that has just completed, do a comprehensive review of your 2015 goals, and your accomplishments. Celebrate that which you accomplished—or the steps you took toward a desired goal. And, then, determine the most important things you wish to accomplish this year. Focus your time, energy, money, and effort on the top prioritized goals. Consider the things you need to do that will make the biggest difference and gain the best results.

Believe in possibilities. Focus on what you want rather on what you don’t want. Consider any challenges to be essential steps on the path to your desired result. Be strong. Be focused. Believe in the possibilities for you and for your 2016.