Time Management Part 2

Continuing on our journey toward balance in life and control of stress, let’s continue to look at principles of time management that work and work well. Certainly, you will need to adapt these time management truisms to fit you and your life, but do your best to honor the principles. If you alter the principles too much, you no longer have a principle—a principle being a time honored truth that brings about expected and desired results.


Whether you work in or out of the home, begin your day by focusing on something you want to do—something that brings you joy.

If you cannot think of anything that brings you joy, then you have major changes that need to be made.

Certainly each day may hold tasks that are challenging or issues you may need to face or deal with that can be challenging, but surely you can focus on something that brings you joy: a teammate you love to see each day, a client who brings you great joy, an article/book you are reading or writing, a patient who smiles each time he/she sees you, a friend who you find delightful., etc. You have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day: your teammates, your clients, your patients, friends, your partner, your children, the person working the cash register at Walmart.

Give people a smile, a listening ear, do something they want to do or help them out. Support their joy. By giving, you receive. Interestingly, by focusing on doing things for others and making their lives better, easier, healthier, happier, you become the ultimate beneficiary. While your goal of supporting and helping others is not self-serving, the giving generates internal joy.

Begin each day by focusing on something you want to do and soon the day becomes one that is full of one joy after another.