Wellness – Partners In All Things

My beloved husband, John, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And with this diagnosis, we began a devoted study of the disease and of a path to wellness. We are committed to controlling and harnessing this disease and improving our overall health. While John is the one with the disease—I am joining him on this committed path to wellness. After all, we ARE partners in all things.

In the past few weeks, my husband, John, and I have been studying with a master nutritionist, Daniel Falk, from Phoenix, Arizona. He and his wife, Syd Hoffman, have devoted their lives to helping people live healthier lives through nutrition, exercise, and vitamin/mineral supplement.

All people have cancer cells within them. However, the immune system (when it is working well) keeps these cells in control. For whatever reason, John’s cells could not fight these particular cancer cells and they have appeared and have become unhealthy.

And so, we have developed a plan of action as follows:

  • Access great Western medicine
  • Be surrounded by friends and family who support us.
  • Accept and nurture prayer chains from those friends and families—and the circle of friends in their lives. We believe that all prayers are heard and answered.
  • Pray that the “Great Physician” will be with us. We believe in God—and a Higher Power.
  • Integrate outstanding nutrition, including appropriate supplements into our lives.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.

That’s our prescription. Our goal: to get the cancer tumor out of his body and to control the cancer cells through the above listed things.

Years ago when I had a major head injury—and was not predicted to either live or be able to function if I did survive—those above listed things were the principles behind my healing—and we are applying them to John’s situation. We are very confident that healing will be his. We are making a stronger commitment to nutrition because we know more about that now.

No matter what illness or problem may be facing you right now—if you include the above principles, you will have things “going for you”. Do everything you can to give your body—and mind–and heart—all they need to heal. And support this with a positive attitude.

Believe that all things are possible. If and when you get discouraged, pick up a positive book, listen to positive music, take a walk in a beautiful place, be with a positive person, and stop and count your blessings. Once you count your many blessings, the problem or problems fall into perspective. You cannot always control what happens to you—but you can control how you respond to the situation. Give your mind, heart, and body everything needed to heal.

And, if you are a male person, get regular PSA evaluations. Prevention and early detection are critical.

In the upcoming blogs, I’ll give pass on some of the nutritional advice that Daniel and Syd are so brilliantly sharing with us. In the mean time—eat your veggies!!!!! Green ones!!!!