Wellness Wednesday: My New Role as “Florence NightenCathy”

In a recent blog, I shared that my husband, John, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. With careful and extensive study of the options for this disease, John chose to have surgery to remove the prostate gland. His general practitioner discovered the suspicious PSA. He had established a baseline for John with testing so it was then possible to see if the PSA was increasing. This baseline is important since there is no exact PSA number that is indicative of cancer. Each man needs to have his own baseline. If there are suspicious increases in that baseline, then further testing may be recommended.

Our GP referred John to a well-known urologist for further testing—and he was not pleased with the results so prescribed a biopsy. The biopsy indicated cancer in both lobes of the gland and the study and discussions of options began. While radiation—including proton beam radiation was an option—we opted for surgery. John’s father died of prostate cancer and due to the extent of the cancer and John’s age (66 years young!!) he chose surgery. Consultations with numerous physicians found agreement on this decision, based on John’s situation. Certainly Proton Beam radiation is an excellent option for many people. John’s surgeon is a urological oncologist and did the surgery with the DaVinci Robot.

John is recovering well and will go for his post op appointment next week—which is 2.5 weeks post surgery. We feel all will be well.

We are following a predominantly Vegan eating plan—no (or very little) dairy, sugar, meat, wheat, or gluten). It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But, it’s actually great. Raw, live, fresh food. Fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, and legumes. Our nutritionist says to only eat fish or meat once a week or once every two weeks—and make sure it is organic. So, that’s what we are doing.

John calls me “Florence NightenCathy”!!!! I’ve cleaned, cooked, done laundry, grocery shopped, given meds, helped with him all things related to the surgery, etc!! I am reminded of the efforts put forth by stay at home moms—or moms who are raising kids, taking care of a home, and working!! I am reminded of my own years in that situation. I have returned to those responsibilities for the time being and want to express my honoring, appreciation, and understanding of all of you out there who are fulfilling these multi-roles. Hats off to you.

And so, I will give you an update on John’s post op progress, but in the meantime, a special note of thanks to everyone who has been praying, sending notes, and supporting both John and I as we have faced and dealt with this cancerous situation.

Join in a walk this year for cancer prevention. Make a donation. Call a friend who is dealing with cancer. It’s a huge part of our nation’s illness—and while much progress has been made, there is much to do.

Blessings on each of you.