What is a Coach?

We have just experienced the 2016 Rio Olympics. I don’t know about you, but I am always inspired by the athletes, coaches, family and friends who give us these two weeks of amazing athletic expertise. While there are often, challenging events that could dampen the spirit of the Olympics, in the end, the stellar commitment to excellence shines for all who choose to recognize it.

I have a personal coach in my life. And, throughout my life, whether I was engaged in athletics, cheerleading, piano, equestrian events, musical theater, or education, my coaches and teachers have taught, inspired, and led me to do my best. Now I have personal and business coaches in my life who support my path to success.

In the Olympic Games of 2016, we saw amazing feats of athleticism, strength, stamina, and courage. Many “back stories” about the path of these athletes were told to the viewers—stories of heartache, tragedy, challenge, and adversity. But the theme of triumph, “never give up” attitudes, and the power of goals was evident time and time again. The athletes spoke of their coaches and the encouragement, training, and “pushing” these coaches brought to their relationships.

“My message at these Games: Never give up.”

Yusra Mardini

No country, no flag, no anthem.

Swam the Aegean Sea to flee Syria. Competed in swimming in the Rio Olympics.

Consultants Zemke and Anderson, ,say that “The need for good coaching, like the need for nutrition and rest, recognition and reward, is something the best players never outgrow. The truly empowered, self-directed person is one who, like the professional athlete, actor, or musician, knows when he or she needs the guiding hand of a top-notch coach. It is rarely the one who thinks he or she has nothing more to learn, no skill in need of improvement, no need to look for a better way.”

Here is a definition of a coach from the business dictionary: “A form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Occasionally coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development.”

Do you have coaches in your life? Can you accomplish the “gold” in your life that is absolutely possible without a coach who has the expertise, the experience, and the belief in you that it takes to be a medal winner?