Write Notes

In today’s digital world, writing a text or e mail is easy, quick and accessible. In fact, with people “on the go” there is a great deal of practicality to this method of “note writing”. However, there is still value in a well-crafted handwritten note.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot (and probably have never) thrown away a hand-written note. I have baskets in which I have saved notes, cards, and letters for many years. I simply cannot throw way a note that someone has taken the time to write in which they express themselves. I consider it a gift of great value and honor it as such.

My mom and dad taught me to say “please” and “thank you”—both in verbal form and in written form. When you take the time to craft a well written note expressing gratitude or heartfelt feelings, you let the recipient of your note see that you are investing time and thought into your expression of appreciation. They will be touched. In a time when so much of our communication is stoic and digital, this personalized touch is unique, unexpected, and treasured. This simple act of kindness can express a remembrance, gratitude, appreciation, thanks, and respect.

I have a list of the people who have touched me in my life and in my career. I have been so fortunate and so blessed by so many people who have given me a chance—who saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself. People opened doors. I stepped through. One door led to another. But, if those people had not opened the door, who knows, maybe the next one would never had been opened.

So, I have written that list. And one by one, I am writing a hand-written letter to those people to thank them. And to let them know that they have had an impact on my life. I want them to know that they have made a difference for me and through me—hopefully, to many others.

This year, one of the people who—very early in my career—opened some of the first doors, Dr. Burt Press, a former president of the ADA—passed away. He was on my list. But, I had not written his letter yet. And, now, he will never get my letter. Hopefully, in his heavenly presence, he will hear my words of gratitude. I will not wait any longer to write the rest of the letters. One never knows what tomorrow holds. Now is the time. Today is the day.

It is never too soon to say Thank You. And one can never say “thank you” too many times. If anything, perhaps we say it too little!!

Let us be people of grace and people of gratitude. Studies show that people who express gratitude benefit by experiencing better health and sleep, less anxiety, and more life satisfaction. And, have better relationships. All good!!!

Alan Cohen, my personal coach, says that the more we express gratitude, the more we have to express gratitude about.

I think he is right!!!

Write one note—this week!!! And mail it!!!!