YOU are a Coach!


Olympic Gold. The goal of great athletes all around the world. And, what a goal!! If you are a talented, dedicated athlete and have star power, why not go for the Gold?
You are a Coach

True. The coaches who spend time, money and effort with athletes are phenomenal and instrumental to the athlete’s success. They are people who have wisdom and expertise and who believe in their “pupil” as much as anyone.

They sometimes push beyond expectation. They sometimes hurt feelings. They are sometimes despised (even if momentarily) . But, in the end, great athletes almost always acknowledge their coach as one of the most instrumental people in their lives—and in their success. It is when someone sees potential within another –even more than the pupil sees, that greatness evolves.

Would you agree that you are a coach? You coach your spouse or significant other, your children, your teammates, and your friends. Think back on your own life. Who has made a difference in your life? A parent, a sibling, a grandparent, a friend, teacher, coach, minister, or an inspirational leader? Each of us is touched in our lives by many people—people who guide us, direct us, correct us, coach us. Sometimes the coaching hurts. But, if we heed the lessons to be learned, we can grow, expand and become wiser.

As a coach, you will influence others to be more than they imagined possible. You will be a role model, an inspirator, and a visionary. You will make sure that people have clear expectations regarding their role, their responsibilities, and the expected results or outcomes. As you are parenting, working with, or befriending anyone, you will be influencing them by your own actions, your integrity, and your unconditional belief in their potential.

Here are characteristics of a great coach that are both desired and effective.

  1. Take time to listen
  2. See each person as unique and special
  3. Care about personal problems
  4. Set a positive example
  5. Encourage others to be more than they imagined possible
  6. Keep the other person informed and “in the loop”
  7. Provide feedback and reinforcement
  8. Be Honest. Correct behaviors in a positive, constructive manner














Go for the Gold. Be Great at what you do. Be a Great Coach of the Champions in your life.