Be Kind

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, 2017. My Mother passed some time ago, and I miss her every day. She was a beautiful woman physically and personally. She was soft, gentle, loving and kind. She was raised simply—on a farm—with wonderful parents who taught her how to work hard, love completely, and live honestly. She and my father loved each other more than any two people I have ever known. Their dedication of love for one another was an example for me and my two brothers. We were blessed to have been raised in a home that was uplifted by love.

My Mother was kind to all people. And she wanted me to be kind. I don’t think I can ever live up to her example of kindness but it is a worthy commission to try to do so. In honor of her, I wrote this poem. I share it with you now, for this Mother’s Day. Perhaps we can all do a better job of “being kind.”

Be Kind

By Cathy Jameson, PhD

You can make a difference in another person’s life each day,

a positive or negative difference.

Be Kind. Nurture the growth of others.

You can speak words that hurt and destroy.

Or you can speak words that help and heal.

Be kind. Speak with grace.

You can forgive those who hurt you

Or you can wallow in anger and despair.

Be kind. Forgive.

You can seek the pitfalls and shortcomings of another

Or look for their assets, even if that is difficult.

Be kind. Seek the light.

You can moan about all that is wrong

Or faithfully pinpoint that which is right.

Be kind. Look for the good.

You can demand attention through the loudness of your words and actions

Or you can gain respect by caring about others.

Be kind. Be still and listen.

You can be grateful for the opportunity to work, to fulfill a purpose

Or you can groan each day as you travel to your

place of employment.

Be kind. Many are starving and would change

places with you in a heartbeat.

You can hang on to each penny that comes into your possession

Or you can rejoice in your privileges by giving back a portion.

Be kind. Share.

You can try to manage all of life by yourself

Or you can reach out to an ALWAYS available and ALWAYS loving hand.

Be kind. Reach for the hand of God.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Be filled with love.

Then spread kindness generously

throughout your world.