Enjoy Your Work Again

Life doesn’t hand you your dream on a silver platter. And unfortunately, many of us lose our way towards the work we love. We become bogged down by stress, busy work, and frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Enjoy Your Team Again

Does your team run less like a well-oil machine and more like a high school class? Gossip and job dissatisfaction only survive when there is lack of a shared vision. Cathy Jameson shares powerful vision-building and vision-sharing tools.


Enjoy Your Life Again

When you’ve created the work you love with the team you love, you can actually work less and enjoy life more. You’ll come home from work feeling satisfied with the day and ready to unplug and do the things you love.



Are you ready to transform your life?

  • Are you tired of being so stressed out from work that you feel like you can’t catch your breath?
  • Are you stuck carrying out daily tasks or providing services rather than working on professional and personal growth?
  • Are personnel issues keeping you from success?

Give yourself permission to have one on one coaching with an experienced, caring and successful management consultant/coach. Your investment in time, money, and effort will pay for itself quickly and multi-fold.

“I am a student of success literature. The common thread of every highly successful person I studied is that they all had a coach/mentor/teacher that guided them to greatness. Our team has worked with Jameson Management for 15 years and I have had the privilege of Dr. Cathy Jameson as my personal coach since 2005. It is unfathomable to imagine where I would be personally and professionally without Cathy’s wisdom, inspiration, loving soul, and occasional serious kick in the pants when I needed redirection. There is no one better!”


“Management and leadership expert Cathy Jameson has poured 30 years of heart soul and experience into her latest book Creating a Healthy Work Environment.”


“I am grateful to have had this opportunity to meet Cathy and her team members whose knowledge is so valuable in helping me in every step of building my practice. From preparing to get my loan, to approve the best, most functional floor plan to learn how to address every day obstacles with your team members and patient. Cathy and your team members, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



Bring Cathy to your next meeting!

Explore how you can create the work you love with the people you love for the life you love. Cathy offers proven workflow and efficiency in a positive, forward thinking culture by showing you how to:

  • Envision your ideal work and how it fits into your ideal life
  • Create goals from your vision that are measurable and achievable
  • Surround yourself with people who support your dream
  • Delegate others to work in their strengths so you can work in yours

Ready to realize and maximize your full potential?

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Cathy Jameson, PhD

Cathy Jameson, PhD, is the founder of Jameson Management, Inc., an international management and marketing firm. The Jameson Method of Management, developed by Cathy, offers proven management and marketing systems for helping organizations improve their workflow and efficiency in a positive, forward thinking culture. Dr. Jameson earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and then a Master’s Degree in psychology.

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