On Jan. 4, 2018, the Stock Market hit 25,000 for the first time EVER!!

The Dow had 71 increases in 2017. Are you watching your 401K?

Before Christmas the Tax Bill was passed. The corporate tax rates were lowered as well as personal tax rates for the first time since 1986.

40 Corporations gave Christmas bonuses and or raises.

Corporations such as Boeing, AT&T, Federal Express, and others are building plants, hiring and or bringing business back to the United States.

Unemployment dropped to 4.1% –a 17 year low.

Unemployment for African Americans is at an all time low of 6.8% and for Americans of Hispanic descent has dropped to 4.9%.

20 states are increasing their minimum wage.

And now people are ready to spend. They’re ready to open those wallets and invest in those things they have put off for almost a decade—like dentistry.

The Mission of Jameson Management is to help people have healthy, happy lives. Without financial health, this cannot happen. A critical piece of that mission is to establish a Healthy Financial Work Environment.

I just had the privilege of speaking at the Annual Sales Meeting of Care Credit, the largest patient financing organization in the world—a division of Synchrony Finance. These are wonderful people whose focus is helping people become healthy by providing the financial wherewithal to access excellent care. I told them that their name is perfect. They offer CREDIT—but their main focus is CARE.

I Presented a keynote address called CREATE and used the letters of that word as an acronym as the guidelines for my address. Over the next 6 blogs, I will share that message with you—letter by letter.