Heart – by Cathy Jameson

In the center of our being, the heart pulses with life.

Beating steadily with quiet commitment, the heart dances 24/7 in rhythmic perfection.

With heart, souls connect with loving devotion and passion.

Passion for life, love and goodness exudes from an expanded place of heartfulness.

From a place of heart centeredness, one reaches out to another to teach, to coach, to strengthen, to release, to nurture.

The openness of the heart clears the way for one’s divine purpose: love.

The elusive, yet desired balance of life rests on this fulcrum of love.

Breathe, expand, honor and open your heart—the center of your universe.

Within the opened heart is joy.

Within the opened heart is peace.

Within the opened heart is love.

Within the opened heart is God.

Release this higher power and you release your highest essence—your divine self.