Microcosm by Cathy Jameson

We are all microcosms of our own possibility.


Search your mind–with intention—for greater learning and discovery.

Pay attention to the “still, small voice within”.

Hear your ‘call’ and respond.


Honor your personhood. Follow your spirit. Be your own best friend– forever.


Love not a life devoted to being what others expect you to be, but rather, love a life devoted to being who you really are.

Do you think God created you so that you could be someone other than yourself?

Or did God create you in a unique way to fulfill a specific purpose that is all yours?


Learn to trust your own worth. Then—and only then—can you trust and find worth in others.


Ultimate connectedness evolves as complete trust comes to life.

Trust of self is essential before complete trust of another is achievable.

Trust of self opens the door to fulfillment of relationships and of life itself.


Trust is possible.

We are all microcosms of our own possibility.