No Matter What You’re Doing – Do The Very Best You Can

No Matter what you are doing – do the very best you can. You will soar.

Why? What do I mean by that statement? The majority of the people in the workplace are complacent with being average. So, when you make the choice to perform well above average, you place yourself in a very special group—a group of people who care not only about themselves but about others. This group realizes that by giving, they receive. They find joy and fulfillment from stretching and growing and being on a continuous path of improvement.

This group of people will always have a job. Employers are seeking talent, of course. They are seeking intelligent, skilled people to fill positions. But, as John Rockefeller said, “I will hire enthusiasm over any other characteristic.” An enthusiastic employee sees what needs to be done and does it—and more.

Commit to doing everything you do to the best of your ability and you will soar.