Scratch Off the Concealer by Alan Cohen

Another beautiful message by my mentor, Alan Cohen. Enjoy. – Cathy

People who look through keyholes
are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped.
― Source Unknown

In a foreign country I purchased a phone card to call back to the U.S. On the back of card the PIN code was concealed under a gray mask, like the numbers on a lottery ticket. I scratched off the concealer, read the numbers, and made my call.
Instead of my call going through, however, a computer told me that my PIN code was invalid. I tried again and received the same message. One more attempt yielded the same results. Frustrated, I concluded that the card’s information was faulty, and I headed for the shop where I purchased it to ask for a replacement.
As I walked to the shop I took another look at the card and noticed that there was still some gray concealer next to the PIN numbers I had revealed. Hmmmm. I took a coin and rubbed off some more of the mask, and lo and behold I found more numbers. There was nothing wrong with the PIN code the card gave me. I was just seeing a portion of them, and the fewer numbers were insufficient to connect me with the person I desired to reach.
When our life is not working, it is not because the universe is defective. It’s because we haven’t revealed enough of the code. There is indeed a code to life, universal principles that will yield us health, wealth, love, and inner peace if we apply it. But if you are inputting an incomplete code, you will get an error message.
The code is already given, but it is concealed by erroneous beliefs and attitudes, and emotions that cloud our vision. Fear, guilt, and anger keep us from seeing things as they really are. If we can shift our programming and get beyond erroneous beliefs and turbulent emotions, our calls will go through smoothly and easily, and we will reach the party of our choice.
What thoughts and feelings might be keeping you from
seeing the truthand getting through to your goal?
How might you “scratch off some concealer”
to reveal the code that will give you access to what you want?
I calm my mind and emotions
so I can see clearly and live happily and effectively.
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