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"I am a student of success literature. The common thread of every highly successful person I studied is that they all had a coach/mentor/teacher that guided them to greatness. Our team has worked with Jameson Management for 15 years and I have had the privilege of Dr. Cathy Jameson as my personal coach since 2005. It is unfathomable to imagine where I would be personally and professionally without Cathy’s wisdom, inspiration, loving soul, and occasional serious kick in the pants when I needed redirection. There is no one better!"

Dr. Mark Hyman • Greensboro, NC


"Management and leadership expert Cathy Jameson has poured 30 years of heart soul and experience into her latest book Creating a Healthy Work Environment."

Uche Odiatu DMD, author of The Miracle of Health


"This is my second leadership symposium and I have learned at each one how to be a better leader. The first one, I was so new to being a leader, I was overwhelmed. This second one, I have more experience now but I still need refinement on my skills and I feel more confident now. Every Jameson team member knows who I am and I feel that I am in a great loving and caring family!"

Dr. Joel Doyon • Buxton, ME


"This is the best course you can take to invest in YOURSELF and in return you invest in your team! Cathy & the Jameson Team deliver a comprehensive and effective approach to Leadership in the dental office!"

Keisha Kemmet • Minot, ND


"I am grateful to have had this opportunity to meet Cathy and her team members whose knowledge is so valuable in helping me in every step of building my practice. From preparing to get my loan, to approve the best, most functional floor plan to learn how to address every day obstacles with your team members and patient. Cathy and your team members, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Dr. Maja Simic • Chicago, IL


"Cathy has the unique ability to teach communication skills so that these skills become a part of your professional and personal life forever! She easily ‘gets in step’ with the entire dental team to provide lasting and exciting results."

Woody Oakes, DDS
New Albany, Indiana


"Creating a Healthy Work Environment has been a blessing to me both professional ly and personally . I have read it several times and I credit it to my growth as a leader… It has served as my personal blueprint on exceptional leadership.. Truly an inspirational read. As a Jameson client, I can honestly say it is authentically Cathy!!"

Dr. Karthilde Appolon
New York, NY


"The lecture inspired me to challenge myself more now only with my career in the dental office but personally as well."

Kayla Titus, CDA
Greenwood, SC


"Cathy is a very invigorating speaker! Really knows how to make her points, and make very helpful points in building a successful practice."

Candice Tinsely, RDH
Greenwood, SC


"I loved learning! You are so funny, animated and engaging, Cathy! I have learned a great deal today!"

Angie Ivester, dental assistant
Elberton Family Dentistry


"Dynamic speaker and a huge amount of information and enthusiasm for the subject."

Dr. H. Will May
Greenwood, SC


"On behalf of the Onondaga County Dental Society, I wanted to express our appreciation to you for the seminar “Creating Your Model of Success”. It was extremely informative, and the class size and participation illustrated the importance of this topic to our association. We appreciate you personally taking time to provide us with the timely information. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. I found your sense of humor enlightening! On behalf of the Onondaga Dental Society, thank you for a memorable presentation and hope you will visit us again."

Vincent D. DiMento, DMD • OCDS Program Chair


"Just attended the FACD in Orlando. Just wanted Cathy to know it was a great meeting. Her enthusiasm and passion for dentistry is awesome. My husband and I have been attending her seminars since we/she has started practicing. It’s always great to get a few pearls. Thanks for making the day so worthwhile!"

Debbie Lieberman


"Cathy’s lecture was a huge success. Everyone loved her and we had a great number of attendees who stayed for the entire day."

Jane Meslin
Suffolk County Dental Society


"Cathy Jameson has the unique talent of blending enthusiasm and passion while mesmerizing her audience. Skillfully she delivers her message that inspires her attendees to go back to their practices and make a difference. If Cathy doesn’t fire you up, you’ve got no fuel to burn! The 2005 Texas Meeting chose Cathy as one of the four esteemed Divas of Dentistry. Cathy is on my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED list! Mary, my bride, says if Cathy doesn’t get you inspired, check your pulse!"

Andy Doerfler, DDS
Spring, Texas

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