Creating A Healthy Work Environment: Transformational Leadership Part 1

Imagine transforming your practice by improving your leadership style based on principles that encourage your team to be creative, productive, and willing to change when desirable. There are two styles of leadership that dominate most workplaces: transactional and transformational.

Transactional leadership. Transactional leadership occurs when leaders reward or

discipline their followers depending on the adequacy of the followers’ performance.

This leadership style is hierarchical in nature: top –down. People in executive or management positions dictate to others what they will do and how they will do it. Requirements and expectations are defined for the employee with little or no mutual interaction

Transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is based on principles that create a healthy work environment. The employees participate in sharing the vision of an ideal organization with the leaders. Employees in this situation accomplish a high level of achievement and maximize their potential. The employees are valued as individuals but are willing to look beyond themselves and work for the betterment of the organization.

While there is a place for both types of leadership at appropriate times, transformational leadership will gain the highest rewards over time.


You may ask, “Why should I change my leadership style? Seems to be working ok for me.” That’s a legitimate question and statement. Let me ask you these questions:

(1) Would you like to be more productive?

(2) Would you like people to come into work with enthusiasm and energy?

(3) Would you like to have a team of people who are continuously motivated to learn and do better?

(4) Would you like to enjoy your days with your team members?

(5) Would you like people to get along with each other?

If you responded with a “yes” to any of the above listed questions, the path to this type of practice is linked to leadership: transformational leadership.

At Jameson Management, Inc. we believe that all people are leaders. Each person is a leader of him/herself, a leader of other team members, and a leader of patients. However, the team will follow the influence of the doctor. Big responsibility. Big opportunity.