Today, I tried to open one of my drawers that is full of boxes of notecards that I absolutely love to collect, write notes upon and send to friends, family and folks I meet along my path. But, the drawer was crammed to fullness and I couldn’t open it. So, I did what any strong, independent woman would do, I called “John, would you come and help me!!” And, of course, he opened it immediately. We both had a pretty good laugh on that one!!

So, I took a few minutes to go through the drawer and reorganize and pull out a few things. But, as I did so, and as I looked at these beautiful cards that I have collected here and there, I thought, “how are these cards collecting in such numbers and not being sent?” Why am I not sending notes the way I have always done? AS I mentioned in an earlier blog, I commit to writing at least one note per day—and I do. However, the digital world has entered my life, just like it has entered yours. It’s so easy and so fast to send a quick e mail or text. And, to be perfectly honest, it’s more likely that a person will readily receive the note when sent in one of those methods rather than a traditionally handwritten note.

I am not at all opposed to a digital note or message. However, there is still something warm, and personal about a handwritten note. One of the notes from my daughter thanking us for her birthday gifts (which was several months ago) still sits on my desk. I read it every now and then and it always brings a smile to my face. She is great about writing handwritten notes and I never throw them away.

In fact, I have a basket of handwritten notes that people have written to me throughout time, as well as cards people have sent, and I consider them personal treasures. Someone took the time and cared enough to pick out the card or write the note, address it, put on a stamp, and mail it. A lot of effort in today’s very easy digital world.

So, however, you do it, please write notes. People do care and are touched—and do remember.